Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From Trash to Treasure

I love scouring thrift stores!! Even in the midst of all the sketchy people (trust me, I've been around some scary ones while hunting good finds) and the sometimes odd old people smell, I can't help but channel my mom's amazing bargain finding instinct! Ask anyone in our family- my mom is INCREDIBLE at finding the diamonds in the rough at thrift stores. It makes me very jealous- until today.

Enter ugly frame:
Gotta love the $2 price tag!
I saw tons of potential in this beauty and her twin. I bought both for 4 bucks! You can't even get a decent picture frame for that anymore. Being sentimental yet frugal, I took my glue gun and some twine leftover from our wedding (aww) and began gluing it over the hideous ivory paint.

In process:
One episode of The Voice and a few minor burns later, I had this awesome possum:
It looks totally different, right?! From geek to chic. :) To finish it up I took some of the burlap from our wedding (woot! resourceful! aww!) and glued it to the back of the frame to close the opening in the middle. Finally I printed a cutesy Instagram photo of my sweetums and I and popped 'er in there with a few dots of glue and ta da:
I cannot WAIT to put this up on the wall with a few other awesome finds lately, but sadly you'll have to stay tuned for that post!

I painted the hallway this week (oh yeah! Goodbye cadaver green!!!!) and want to give the paint plenty of drying time before I go crazy hanging awesome stuff!

I hope you all are having a great week! It's Spring Break, Charlotte Sometimes got booted off the Voice,  Penny our puppy had no accidents today, and my car finally got cleaned out and is now gorgeous and smelling purty, so I'd say my week has been pretty darn amazing!!! I'm looking forward to sharing with you all my house progress and a yummy recipe for skinny chili dogs later this week!

For now I'm off to snuggle that sweet hubs of mine and our three furry babies. Yes, I'm that person. :)

Until next time,

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  1. That is a terrific find! You did a good job giving an ugly frame new life.

    And the picture you put in it is adorbs.