Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nursery "Reveal"

I love when people title posts with the word "Reveal". It makes me feel scandalous for reading. I love a good scandal. Just kidding; I'm really boring actually.

Anyway, I figured since I did this post with lots of inspiration for my little guy's would-be nursery I should do the right thing and follow up with a post of how everything actually transpired. This is especially helpful because now that we have worn in the newness of it all {I have a 6 month old. How can this be?!?!}, it will be nice to weigh in on how effective my 'vision' has been in the overall efficiency of the room.

*there are links to the things we purchased throughout. I included them in case anyone is searching for the same thing.*

Here's a reminder of my vision for Daxon's room:

Let's start at the beginning. His door. Thrilling, I know- you can loosen the grip on the edge of your seat.
This pin was my inspiration for a little door decoration. I thought it would be easy. We had some branches just hanging out in the back yard that had been cut from some of our trees so I went out and snapped off some twigs of varying sizes and thicknesses and brought them in. I picked up a press board "D" from Hobby Lobby and sat down with those items plus my glue gun and thought I would spend a little time doing a neat little craft for my sweet little boy that was jumping around in my not so little belly. Boy was I wrong. Being the perfectionist -to a fault- that I am what I thought would take an hour or so turned into an afternoon marathon that ended with sore hands, burned fingers, and a huge mess bit of bark & hot glue on my kitchen table. And floor. And clothes. And probably my hair. Result though? I love it! It sets his door apart and I love the little pieces of moss and variation of colors on the bark. A fun introduction that lets you know behind this door is the room of a woodsy kid whose name starts with D. Awesome.

The view as you walk in the nursery:

We are very blessed with such a generous family. Our crib, dresser, and chair were gifted to us by my dad and stepmom. The Babyletto Hudson pieces were my dream furniture and I feel so so lucky my family made those dreams a reality! Overall the crib and dresser have held up very well and we love them, but they do scratch easily on the wooden parts. The changing table frame comes off when it's not needed anymore and will be stored away for future use. The crib converts to a toddler bed and a daybed.

My mom made the quilt and gorgeous name sign with some reclaimed wood from my grandparents' barn, and we purchased the cardboard die cut deer mount from the Etsy shop Cardboard Safari. The nightstand and lamp were both clearance -holla for a few dollas off- Target purchases. The shade on the lamp was originally a bluish gray and clashed with the wall color, so I watered down some of the latex paint used on his closet and gave it a face lift. The deer print blanket was a clearance -who loves clearance? I do!- purchase from Babies R Us and I sewed the pillow cover from leftover fabric used to make the quilt.

The rug is one of my favorite things about his room and was purchased from Ikea. I cannot wait to watch him play and make up fun adventures with his toys using the neat patterns on it.

I made the mobile from a bag of decorative spheres purchased at Ikea, some twine, some yarn, and an old embroidery hoop. I just wound the hoop with the yarn (periodically hot gluing it down), fastened the twine through the spheres and tied them off with triple knots and hot glue where I wanted them (and I used varying lengths to create some interest) and strung more yarn in a few places (again, securing with hot glue) and hanging it by a heavy duty ceiling hook. Dax could swing from this sucker and it wouldn't fall. And while he hasn't swung from it yet, he does love watching it sway when I tap it and set it in motion.

My mom gifted us this print from Katie Daisy's Etsy shop. I swear I could find a place for everything she creates. It's all beautiful, but this quote is especially close to my heart and I hope Dax feels the same way as he grows up and visits his grandparents. They all live close to or in the mountains and seeing them truly is going home. Excuse me for a sec... I think I have something in my eye. *Sniffle*

Okay, moving on.

On the wall next to the chair-

The curtains were another purchase from Ikea. I'll do a recap of our babymoon sometime before we have our next kid, but on the way back from it we stopped at Ikea in Charlotte and purchased the things referenced here. I love these curtains! We also purchased the blinds and they do a good job of blocking light when needed, and the curtains cast a beautiful glow. Dax loves staring at the trees and birds when we're hanging out in the recliner. 

The dresser is awesome! On the changing table are his changing pad, wipes, hand sanitizer, and lotion. In the top drawer we keep extra supplies as well as hats, baby leggings, burp cloths, and socks. The middle drawer houses his pajamas and the bottom drawer houses his casual onesies. The cabinet has a shelf in it where we keep his abundance of bathing supplies. On the bottom are all of his extra crib sheets and receiving/thin blankets.

Above the dresser is his peg board! We purchased it at Lowe's and my mom free-handed the deer in chalk and then painted it. Talent, pure talent. I bought the set of baskets at Wal-mart and they are SO handy! In the big one we keep his diapers. The middle holds face wipes and diaper cream, and the small one houses q-tips. Those came in handy while taking care of his circ & belly button at first, but are now used to put on diaper cream when needed. The vintage license plate was found by Josh, and the frame is one of the items I used to tell him I was pregnant. :) Ah nostalgia. I made the little name banner with some $1 playing cards from Target, some letter stickers, twine, and leetle baby clothespins. The 'a' in the corner came from this Christmas wreath.

His closet was a definite labor of love:

We took out the wire shelf and I used painter's tape to create the herringbone pattern. Josh painted over it with some navy mistint paint we got for $5 at Lowe's. After it was dry we installed the wooden shelf and curtain rod. We have one more that we have debated hanging up below the shelf but we have yet to make a decision about that. The two cubbies are ClosetMaid storage solutions we got at Lowe's and the hamper came from Target. On the shelf we are keeping extra toys and books as well as his shoes. In the cubbies are some of his bigger clothes as well as extra jackets and sweaters.

Next to the closet:

This is where we keep his toys and books. The cubbies are another ClosetMaid purchase and the fabric drawers are great for hiding lots of toys and maintaining an organized look. The deer drawer and green drawers came from Target. The navy blue ones came from the Dollar General and are just as nice as the Target ones, but half the price. We don't use the humidifier all the time, but it's been helpful the time or two that he has gotten stuffy.

The final view in his room:

The mama/baby deer frame was a thrifted treasure I found about a year before I even got pregnant. The two frames on the right are these that I thrifted and made over. They hold and engagement photo and a wedding photo. The collage frame in the middle has our favorite newborn photo of him in the middle and photos of Dax with us and each set of grandparents. I made some cute printables to take up the last few frames. I'd love to eventually turn this into a full blown gallery wall with 8x10 versions of the printables. We'll see.

And there we are! I feel like as his nursery evolved I wanted it to have a more muted and calming tone to it while still feeling like a fun space for a little boy. I love this space and spent most of my time waiting for his arrival rocking in the recliner and dreaming of his sweet face. Now that he is here we have made wonderful memories in his room and have tweaked things here and there as we see a need for more storage/function. I look forward to seeing this space evolve further as my sweet baby grows into a toddler and boy and develops his own tastes and preferences.

Here's hoping I get back in the habit of sharing fun family memories within this little slice of Internet soon.

Until next time,