Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to Skool!

Whew! I actually made it through my first week back to school. Cue the choir of angels! Despite the sheer EXHAUSTION I feel right now (my house is a wreck! ugh!), I have had an amazing few days back at school. Well, I guess for me it's not really 'back' to school. For anyone who has not been reading my blog long, I (according to the State department of education) transferred from my old school in Anderson County to Woodmont Middle School in Piedmont. This year I am teaching 7th grade science! New district, new year, new school, new grade level- holy cow!

I have to say though that I feel like I have died and gone to teacher heaven. I work with some fantastic teachers who love teaching children. I have an incredible team of administrators above me that I know have my back and smile and encourage me often!!! (this means more than any of you will probably ever know) And so far with the kids, so good.

To celebrate my first few days back to school I have a few comic strips to share I have come across that can sum up my experience so far. Enjoy!