Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Oh, sorry. Was I snoozing while I should be blogging? Well, it's not going to get any better any time soon! I am SOOO exhausted- it reminds me a lot of how tired I was my first year of teaching. Today was my first official day at my new school in a new district with a new name. Whew. Add on top of that a new kitten (Maverick... he's adorable. I'll post pictures soon!) and a hungry husband with a huge appetite, and you've got me in bed at 8:30 pm ready for sleep! Cooking, cleaning, taking care of furry babies, feeding and taking care of my hubsy is enough to make anyone tired. I am now going to be chasing after hormonal 7th graders, sharing with them my love for science and hoping they catch on and get excited too. We'll see. :)

I hate to make it a short post tonight, but I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open. Plus my sweetie wants to snuggle while we watch DVR episodes of Ghost Whisperer. There's no way I can turn that down!! In the next day or two be looking for a post sharing some pictures about a few projects I've completed at home as well as loads of pictures of my new classroom. Yay!!!

I hope you all are savoring the last few days of summer. It's pretty warm; but as the sun sets, the evening cools the air, and the crickets and frogs begin their symphonies, I can't help but soak in these last few moments of summer.

Until next time,

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