Monday, September 14, 2015

Dax Does the Beach

We got the opportunity to crash my parents' beach vacation this year. My dad was invited to a Fire Convention and invited us to tag along for a long weekend. This was the first time Dax got to experience the ocean and he loved every minute! I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

This trip kicked off a really busy, fun summer for our little family! I'm looking forward to sharing more as we ease into cooler temperatures, crispy leaves, and pumpkin everything. :)


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Big O-N-E

Your first year was also ours. You taught us how to sacrifice, how to persevere, and more than anything, how to love with every ounce of our being. Your birth was your Mama's biggest accomplishment. You are your Daddy's pride and joy. We pray for you to grow big and strong. You do. We pray for you to be brave and full of joy. You are.

Each day you leave us in awe as we watch you explore and figure out the world around you, Keep it up, buddy. Your first year was the best of our lives. We cannot wait to see what adventures await us your second year of life as we continue raising you to love life, love people, and love God!

Thank you for capturing this day, sweet friend! (:
These are just a few of my favorite moments captured from his camping themed party! My friend Kayla is such a wonderful friend and took photos while I was running around being Mama and host. It's only been a month and a half since his party and he already seems so much more grown up. I can hardly believe it, but I'm SO excited about the summer adventures headed our way!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Easter Eggcitement!

Ready for some eggcellent pictures?! I love puns. Anyways, 2015 has proven to be even busier than 2014 was so far. We have so much going on! However, I'm looking forward to getting back into the habit of documenting our life and sharing bits and pieces of our world with family and friends. Let's start with Easter!

Dax is a very fortunate fella because Easter fell on April 20th last year. He was 3 days old. Easter this year was on April 5th, so he got to experience TWO Easters before his first birthday! What a lucky guy! Last year we had only been home for a day, so we didn't really get to celebrate Easter. I more than made up for it this year! Easter is one of my favorite holidays and such a great time to reflect on the love of our Savior and the miracle of the Resurrection!

Dax got to participate in dyeing some fun Minion eggs and two little egg hunts. I wasn't sure how interested he would be in Easter Egg dyeing... he was not very interested in it at all but did like looking at the fun colors the eggs turned! His Uncle Andrew helped me out and enjoyed decorating the eggs with stickers.

His very first egg hunt was set up just for him by his Granny and Papa. I really wasn't sure if he would catch on to the whole "eggs in the basket" deal but he did and impressed us all by picking up his eggs and dropping them in his basket. I'm pretty sure nothing cuter has ever happened in all the Easters ever.

I LOVE this article about things to include in an Easter basket that aren't candy. She even breaks it up by age group! In Dax's Easter basket the Easter Bunny took my advice and included:
-Dax's favorite Puffs in his football eggs
-A counting book called Easter Babies
-The Bunny Rabbit Show, by Dax's favorite author Sandra Boynton
-Bunny rabbit sidewalk chalk (I think the Easter Bunny found it at the Dollar Tree! Holla!)
-A really cute clip on bunny tail
-A few yummy treats for Mama and Daddy

So Josh dressed Dax for church and did his hair while I got ready. He went a little overboard with the detangler, but my sweet boy still looked precious. And while Josh was getting ready I mussied up his 'do so he'd look more like himself and less like a creepy nerd. ;)

He wasn't sure what to make of his basket at first, but after a few days he loved picking out what to play with next! He also quickly figured out what was inside his eggs and enjoyed trying to pry them open and get the yummy Puffs.

After an incredible service at Newspring Church, we headed up the mountain to celebrate Nanny's birthday and enjoy Easter lunch and his second egg hunt. This time he was in competition with his cousins for the prize eggs, but he did great and scored 3 dollars!

While we were outside enjoying the beautiful weather we got the kids together and snapped some pictures. They were hilarious! The sun was in their eyes, my niece did NOT want to sit on the grass, and really... making 4 kids sit still for one photo was pretty ambitious. Then Dax got to meet chickens for the first time! He was a fan.

We finished up our Easter by having family pictures taken for Dax's first birthday. Stephanie Burton took them in my parents' field and they turned out soooo good! Dax was a great sport and gave lots of smiles! I cannot wait to get some prints made and framed. I highly recommend her and am looking forward to lots more family photos with her in the future. :)

All in all, Easter set us up for an even bigger, busier, and more fun holiday- Daxon's first birthday!!! I'll be sharing all about it soon. :)

Until then,

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Christmas Cheer

I was hoping to have this post up before the end of January... whoops.

Daxon's First Christmas!
-the magic of this holiday truly comes alive again when you see it through your child's eyes-

 We had such a wonderful first Christmas with our boy. We cannot wait until he further understands this season and can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with us. His first birthday is now around the corner... oh my word how have we gotten here this fast! 

Until next time,