Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Halloween/Thanksgiving Recap

Little guy isn't feeling so well today, so why not a Halloween recap in between snuggles and play time?

Daxon's first Halloween was busy but oh so fun! A few days before we thought about carving a couple pumpkins. After sitting down with everything it became abundantly clear that wrangling him and carving at the same time would not be worth it. So we decided to paint our pumpkins instead!


On Friday 10/31, I picked Dax up after school and got him changed and into his costume. He was the cutest Minion ever! For his costume I crocheted the hat using a basic baby beanie pattern and knitted the black band. I attached it to a mason jar lid and drew the eye and placed it inside the lid. I tied a few sprigs of black yarn up top for "hair" and dressed him in a yellow onesie and blue denim overalls. We trick or treated at my friend Ashley's house, and then drove up to Nana & Papa's to trick or treat with his cousins. We had a great time; Josh and I enjoyed "taking care of" the candy Dax could not eat. ;)

We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots of family and memories and. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I snapped one of Dax crawling around in his turkey jammies and getting loved on by his cousin Will. Daxon and his health are what we are most thankful for this year. 

Celebrating and creating memories with your children, no matter how small, breathes life and magic back into the holiday season. Christmas is going to be awesome!

Until next time,