Sunday, July 31, 2011

Classroom Inspiration

Tonight, hubs and I are EXHAUSTED. We shanghaied my baby sister into staying with us from Sunday to Thursday. We had a BLAST, like I mentioned in my last post. What I failed to mention was that we then kept my baby brother from Friday to Sunday. So, the last few hours have been the calmest, most serene hours we've had in over a week! Granted, we had the best time hanging out with some younguns; it's just tiring having to be aware of someone dependent on you. Little preview to future happenings, I guess. :) We wouldn't have traded it for the world. It was SO much fun. But now, we're all cozy in bed. Josh is trying to convince his piece of junk computer PC to look like a Mac while I tap away on my lovely black Macbook (*brushes shoulder off). To top it all off, there is beautiful thunder rumbling in the background! I may want to snuggle under the covers before I finish this post- alas, I will try to hold back.

This evening's post is to share my excitement in the realization that I get to decorate a NEW classroom!!!! And guys- it is BEAUTIFUL! A science teacher's dream! I CANNOT WAIT to show you all pictures. It's very amazing. I made my realization tonight while playing around on Pinterest. If you like to look at stuff online for ideas and inspiration, you need to get on Pinterest!! So anyways, it all of a sudden hit me- I can be just as crafty and gung ho about DIY in my classroom as I can in my home! YESSSSS!!!!!! So, this led me to lots of inspiration- some of which I already had. And now, you lucky readers, get to share in a sneak peek of the awesome ideas I have for my new classroom! *insert looks of anticipation and admiration*

To begin- my initial "a-ha!" moment hit when I saw this bulletin board border:
SO CUTE, right?! I kind of love gray and yellow a lot.
Then, I kept looking and came across these letters that will look GREAT with my black bulletin board backgrounds and the super cute daisy border:
Also, I had snagged some yellow and white paper lanterns like these from my younger sister's wedding this past July:
 In addition to those super cute ideas, here are two more that I would hope bring smiles to my students' faces!

Cutie pa-tootie pencil vase with sunflowers!

PERFECT for hormonal teenagers who need a pick me up!

And just for kicks (pun totally intended :P ), I'd like to add that I absolutely <3 these socks-

 So, there you have it! This makes me get the 'teacher tingles'; kind of like butterflies, but not nervous- excited! God has graciously blessed me with a completely new start- new district, new school, new grade level, and I can't wait to jump in and give my all doing what I am so certain He has gifted me to do. The thunderstorm is on its way out, so I'm going to sign off and spend my last few moments before sleep snuggling with my sweet hubby and thinking of more ideas for school!! Goodnight all!

Until next time,

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