Thursday, July 28, 2011


The past 7 days have been SO busy! I apologize for the lack of posts... between traveling to see my best friends and traveling home and hanging out with my baby sister this week and tackling more projects I've been totally EXHAUSTED! However, I must say that I have been so blessed by God. A trip home to my mom and stepdad's humble abode sent us home with lots of goodies to help decorate our home as well as some delicious, garden grown vegetables!!!!! We got squash, cucumbers, zucchini, hot peppers, and some green tomatoes. I must also say that the week before we were blessed with blackberries, blueberries, and home grown tomatoes from my dad and stepmom as well. There is NOTHING like farm fresh produce! Josh and I can't wait to one day have our own garden in our backyard; but until then, we are content to mooch off of our loving families! :)

Since I am waaaay too tired to bore you with more explanations of my recent projects and activities, I'll just share in pictures some of the things I've been up to lately.

This GORGEOUS TV stand is a wedding gift from some of my closest friends!! They are precious to me. :)

My baby sister Anna came to stay for a few days. In the midst of hanging out and teaching her to crochet, she helped me paint the kitchen. She took a break here from painting the wall while sitting on top of the refrigerator to say hello to Kina and Scooby hanging out in the living room.
Those farm fresh veggies I was telling you about!
Finally got another leaf put into our table and a few place settings (another awesome wedding gift!!!) done. :)
Our Heavenly Father never promised life would be easy. I have found this in my own life to be so true; and this truth does not end just because you get married. However, when you marry someone and sincerely make a lifelong commitment to support and love that person with all your heart as you both serve God, it is amazing how God provides and guides the way. We have been blessed with a bounty of love, provision, laughter, challenges, opportunities to brag on our glorious God, and of course yummy veggies!! What bounty is in your life that you may not have thought about lately?

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