Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy Bees

Good afternoon! I'm so glad I finally have a few minutes to take a break and breathe. This has been a very busy week; and will continue to involve early mornings and lots of driving. All for good reasons, though. :)

Josh and I are FINALLY seeing some progress on the painting of our walls. I have been feeling kind of yucky lately and he is completely unmotivated tired from work when he gets home, so the painting had gotten pretty slack. HOWEVER! Last Saturday Josh promised to complete a short, sweet honey do list. Well, with my help he got #1 and #2 completed. I love my husband to the ends of the earth and back, but the man just does not like handy work. UGH! My trick around this is to start a project- whenever I start something, he feels compelled to help. Ha! Take that!

So pictures will be coming soon of the new wall (hopefully with chair railing up super soon!) that will frame our dining table, the living room finished, and my new little crafty craft I came up with all by myself! Yes, I'm super proud and excited. Plus, all I had to buy to complete it was Plaster of Paris! I'm working on it right now as we speak. Oh the suspense!!

Summer for me is beginning to wind down (boo!) and I'm beginning to really feel the pressure to get my house together. Hopefully hubs will begin to feel that pressure too and we can put down the TV remote and Guitar Hero long enough to finish setting up our little nest. We chuckle because the house we live in is bigger than the houses we each grew up in. I think part of our problem is having no idea what to do with all this space!!

Talk of babies has begun. I'm sure some of you who read my blog may have had similar questions. The short answer is that we are basically leaving the decision up to God. I started out with a "prevention" mind set. God has begun to change my heart and as Josh and I have begun praying together every morning and communicating better spiritually, I have come to realize that He is calling us to surrender to His plan. I'm not saying our decision is one everyone should make; we are listening to what He is telling us to do to honor Him. It's a little scary because we have JUST gotten married, but if I've learned anything lately it's that God's plans are SO much sweeter and more perfect than our own. So, the pitter patter of little feet? Right now it's only the pitter patter of Scooby and Kina's little paws (our fur babies we would do ANYTHING for). But who's to say there won't be a little baby dust floating around a little ways down the road? Only the good Lord knows. :)

Much love to you all as I spend my evening enjoying my husband cooking me supper for my birthday!

Until next time,


  1. First off, Happy Birthday! Second, that's cool you are leaving it up to God. Scary? Yes. Out of your control? Most definitely. But either way His surprises are what makes life most enjoyable. ;-)

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