Monday, May 27, 2013

Life Lately

I've had a bunch of little things I have wanted to post about lately, but the motivation to do a bunch of separate posts is nonexistent so I'm just going to cram them all into one and give you lots of pictures to sum up life lately. :)

Here we go!

First up are two little thrifting makeovers: a little $2 mail box and $4 bread box.

 A good scrub, a few coats of white spray paint, and some tlc and this box has helped cut the mail clutter and finish off our little "command center".

Before- hook missing
I used a tiny screwdriver to remove the hardware on the box.
I would have preferred wood filler to even out the missing hook, but this is what we had.
Let it dry, lightly sanded it- all better!
A few coats of spray white paint & primer in one.
Love our command center!
A good scrub, some white spray paint, and two new swanky knobs and the bread box was brought back to life! We love this thing and it is now one of my favorite things about our kitchen.

plain jane knobs
Hello gorgeous!
Knobs came from Lowe's
 On May 11th of this year I got to help host a baby shower for a friend I have had since Preschool! She and her hubs welcomed a sweet baby boy to this world on 05/24 and I loved being able to help get them ready!

Outside. Before the rain. :(
Sweet little favors my twinsie made!
My gift- a diaper wreath!
About the diaper wreath- it was so easy! A little time consuming, but will be my go to gift for baby showers now. :) The diapers are tied with balloon ribbon around a duct taped pool noodle (we couldn't find a wreath form large enough and the noodle was only $1!) and I got the idea to make a little pea pod out of the washcloths from Pinterest. Everything is tied on except for the blue ribbon that came with a sticky tag and I did have to glue gun the "G" in place.

floating tea lights, lime slices, baby's breath, clear vases and blue mason jars were easy and beautiful decor!
I had to take the opportunity to snag a picture with mah man. We don't take enough together!
Y'ALL! My twinsie and brother in law made this beautiful cake! It looked and tasted incredible!
 We have lots more babies in our deck garden now!!! Can't wait to try out zucchini lasagna and eggplant parmesan and pickling cucumbers- and don't even get me started on the tomato sandwiches!

Baby zuchinni
Our better boys are growing like weeds!
Teeny baby green pepper
Lots of baby cherry tomatoes!
All cucumber vines on deck! :P
sweet williams flowers on the left, basil in the middle, stevia on the right. love my herb box!
Finally, I can't wait to spend a few summer days being lazy with these two-
Such a hard life being spoiled rotten
Until next time,

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