Monday, May 6, 2013


There are a lot of babies around the house lately. Sadly, none of them are located in my belly but we're okay waiting on God's timing for that. ;)

First are the babies that are our very first {container} vegetable garden!

Hubs looking very excited about this adventure
Our sweet baby plants. All in a row.
Our containers and accessories came from Walmart.
Garden soil came from Lowe's [on sale!]
The order of the plants (below) is as follows:
Rutgers tomato {big blue}, zucchini {orange}, cherry tomato {big yellow}, purple bell pepper {little blue}, pickling cucumbers {little yellow}, better boy tomato {green}, and green bell pepper {red}.
After everything was potted; being guarded by our citronella plant.
Our basil & stevia plants. 

Freshly watered basil
 The other babies in this household aren't plants. They are animals. Baby birds in fact. Josh and I have had the delightful pleasure of watching a mama dove lay her eggs, hatch her babies, raise them, and even teach them to fly. We were very sad when they flew away until a few days later when we noticed this:

Photos were taken through our window screen, forgive the grainy quality.
Talk about the circle of life. There are two new eggs in the nest with what we presume is a brand new mama.
Photo was taken through our window screen, forgive the grainy quality.
What are you guys getting excited about as Spring flutters in? I'm looking forward to sharing a few projects I've tackled here lately to spruce up our kitchen. :)

Until then,

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