Thursday, June 30, 2011

Settling In

Sometimes I sit and *shudder* reflect (my teaching friends will understand why I loathe the word) on my life the past few months. A few months ago I was living alone in a terribly outdated (Josh would say dangerous) rental house working at a place that offered me no support as a new teacher and told me I was a failure because I did not say what they wanted to hear. I now live in a beautiful home with my husband, anticipating the start of my new position as a science teacher in a middle school 10 minutes from my house where the principal offered me the job at the end of my interview.

I'll admit, though I tried to be incredibly optimistic, there were quite a few times where I felt without hope. How could God leave me out to dry? He allows us to find a beautiful home that we love, and right after we close I find out I don't have a job anymore. If that doesn't seem like an insult, I don't know what does. However, God knew if He did not provide a very deliberate way out of that place that I would have never left because of the great women I worked with. The school I am moving to is going to be a place of support, of structure, and where the focus is not to please the powers above but to focus on the achievement and success of the students. That's what I'm in this for after all!

I'm enjoying my time at home. After forgetting his lunch his first day back to work, I've been getting up with my sweetie to make sure he gets his coffee and doesn't forget his lunch again :). During the day I'm trying to tackle one room at a time to get things put away where we want. The dogs are contributing to the decorating by scattering the floor with the fuzzy guts of their toys. Sometimes I feel like it's NEVER going to get done, but then there are other times; like Tuesday when I spent the entire day clearing out our closet and reorganizing that I realize the boxes will eventually be gone and we will be officially moved in. Getting stuff hung up on the walls will help too. Any decorating tips, websites, or whatever you'd like to share are definitely welcome!!!!

Pictures are coming soon of our new bedroom suit and the newly cleaned and organized closet! My younger sister is getting married this weekend, so it's now crunch time for us to get ready for her big day. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and awesome July 4th weekend!!!!!

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  1. I have some websites for you

    Organizing Junkie...def worth the visit.