Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life is Oh So Good!

I have to say that the past week of my life has felt like a big blur. It seems like only hours ago my stepmom and I were attempting all nighters to get everything for the wedding done. She was a bit more successful than I was. I also have to say that our wedding day was INCREDIBLE; and would not have been as beautiful as it was without the help of my amazing family and friends! At the end of this post will be a few picture previews my oh-so-talented Uncle Duane Heaton took on the big day!

Josh and I have had the BEST time on our honeymoon. He's currently out picking up Ruby Tuesday's to Go for supper while I hold down the fort in our hotel room. :) Actually, I was finishing up a nap but found myself unable to sleep after he left. Our first few days as husband and wife have been awesome!

We started our adventure off by cozying up Saturday night and Sunday in a little mountain condo in Columbus, NC. Thank you so much to Josh's friend McKrae for loaning it to us!! With no cable and cell signal it was the perfect way to begin our honeymoon. Nothing but each other! It was very sweet.

Monday Josh surprised me by taking me through the Blue Ridge Parkway!!! I had never been before and he knew how much I wanted to go. Sweet hubby. :) I got some breathtaking photos and after an hour or so we realized we had gone the wrong way!!! Looking on the bright side, we pulled out the gps and trekked our way through North Carolina on a journey that made some great memories and stories to tell. A few hours later than anticipated, we made it to our hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN. It has been fun to be the super cheesy newlywed couple with the jacuzzi in our room and arms around each other everywhere we go.

Our time in Pigeon Forge has been SO FUN! Tuesday we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, punched out coupons (I'm sure our waitress thought we were seriously over zealous tourists!) for different attractions, and then Josh laid another surprise on me: he took me shopping for new clothes!!!!!! You guys don't understand- the last time I have gone and spent money on lots of new clothes was the beginning of college; a LONG time ago. For him to be so thoughtful really meant a lot. So, new clothes (and one pair of super cute shoes!) in tow, we made our way to Starbucks, the Christmas Place (where we got some special items you will hear plenty about later), and off to the Gallery of Light where we got a free 11X14 Thomas Kinkade print thanks to our handy dandy tourist coupons, and ended our day by getting an Old Time photo done. Josh was a '20's gangster and I was a flapper; the picture is fabulous! We picked up some Mellow Mushroom pizza and retired to our hotel room, satisfied and exhausted from such a great day.

Today we spent getting breakfast at IHOP and then driving on over to Gatlinburg for the day. We perused the shops on the main road in Gatlinburg for a while. We picked up some surprises for my little sister getting married in a week, as well as a sercy for dogsitting our pups while we're away. We then rode the skylift, got a wooden sign for our front door (pictures to come!) and made our way back to the car. We've now spent the afternoon and evening snuggling, napping, and enjoying our last days of relaxation before it's back to reality!

Boo is back with our grub now, so it's time to chow down. Lots of pictures will be posted soon!!!

Much love,
Mrs. Andrea Atkins  :D
The kiss!

We just couldn't stop smooching!
Sweet, QUIET, moment.
The cake. :)
Mr. & Mrs.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad that you're having a wonderful, relaxing time on your honeymoon. I really enjoy reading your blog entries :)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! :) I'm so happy for you guys!

  3. I am so happy for you guys. Congrats. Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  4. Thank you so much!!! It was really a blast and I can't wait to post pictures. :)