Thursday, April 11, 2013

Simply Living

Every now and then something comes along and saves my faith in humanity. Times are hard and the media is full of bad news and trashy celebrity gossip- oookay. Confession time. Hello. My name is Andrea. {everyone together now- "Hi Andrea!"} I am addicted to celebrity gossip. It's been over a month since the last time I was on the TMZ website. Promise. Anyway- When I stumbled upon Christie and her cause I was humbled and thrilled! I follow the blog and Instagram of an awesome lady named Melody (awesome blog- very real and encouraging. And she's from SC! Holla!) and saw on her Instagram that she'd shared a photo about a virtual shop on Instagram called Storehouse Vintage that was having its first Instasale. I had never heard of this Instasale stuff before, but after a little reading and looking I realized there are lots of people who use Instagram to sell vintage and handmade items, clothing, and thrifted treasures. (If you know me, you know that is right. up. my alley!)

So to make a simple story even more complicated, here's where I was humbled: Christie is running her shop to raise money to adopt two baby girls. From Africa.

Be still my heart.

As I realized this I shared a picture to promote her sale and encourage as many people as I could to participate and help her sweet little family raise money to bring her babies home! Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to snag anything in the sale (the first person to comment on the picture of a desired item wins it- really fun & exciting!), but I did win! By sharing the picture my name was thrown into a hat and drawn out as the winner of one of her custom embroidery hoops she makes.

I'm so glad I won. My hoop is beautiful. I told her I really liked earthy & jewel tones, and I wanted the word "simplify" hanging in the middle. Well, that word was too long but was quickly remedied by using the words "live simply" instead. She was so sweet and had the hoop to me super fast!

It's now hanging above our stove for Josh and I to see every day and remember to take a step back and always think twice before getting hung up on the stresses of life- step back and live simply. or simply live. I'll take it either way.

To get your own, go follow her and her shop (storehousecrafts & storehousevintage) on Instagram- keep an eye out for when she is taking orders and get yourself a hoop!

God brought ours on the perfect day at the perfect time. I was feeling really overwhelmed about our finances and as I unwrapped my beautiful hoop I remembered that it's just money; and that a lot of my worry and anxiety will be helped if I just make an effort to

Thank you again, Christie!


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