Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Has it already come and gone?!

The day after Christmas always brings with it a certain amount of sadness. I blame it on my mom. No offense to her (different strokes for different folks), but when we were little Christmas decorations came down on Christmas Day. I wish I was kidding. Granted, we were up at 4am celebrating Santa's arrival and departure so when later afternoon came around and my mom and dad would make the switch so we could spend the afternoon with him and my grandparents, my sister and I felt like it had already been 2 days. It was still an abrupt ending to come home that evening or the next morning and see that life was 'back to normal'; that all the Christmas magic was put up in the attic to wait out another year.

Now that I have my own home, my love and I draw out the Christmas cheer as long as possible. I'd probably keep decorations up longer if it weren't for getting back to teaching so early in January.

Regardless, I tried to document a lot of our cheery moments this year on Instagram. I realized if I made my own hashtag I could see all of those moments at one time. So- until I can get good pictures taken of our holiday home and posts written about what we've been up to to share, I thought I would revive my poor, neglected blog with some warm fuzzies courtesy of Instagram- (Followers welcome: ajatkins4120).

I kicked off my decorating with my Gingerbread Scentsy in the kitchen!
First fire of the year. No stockings hanging- safety first! (Thanks Dad!)
The tree in all its clearance decor glory. I love my tree!
I handmade our stockings this year. I love them.
White silk and spice. Y'all. It's good.
Autumn's first Christmas!
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
Another view of our tree.
So glad we get to take time in the year to celebrate our reason for living!
Our wreath. I'm not sure I like the 'a' hanging in the middle. Will tweak for next year.
Someone special got an early Christmas present! Free iPhone 4 upgrade!
Good stuff. Given to me by one of my students. I <3 my church!
Went with simple brown kraft paper and decorative tape this year.
Three sweet snowflakes. We're adding icicles next year.
Christmas lab- turning Poinsettias into pH indicators!!
We spent our last day before Christmas break at school making snowflakes for Sandy Hook children.
First morning of Christmas break!
Someone got a little too excited with his gift... we still can't find the head. Poor hedgehog.
We couldn't wait to give all these presents
Waiting for Santa
The Year Without a Santa Claus- He's Mister White Christmas, He's Mr. Snow!
I made this for my nephew. And it was too small. Boo!
So pleeeease, celebrate me home! Beginning our Christmas festivities!
New tradition- Movies on Christmas Day. We saw Monsters, Inc in 3D. So good!
So, that was a quick run through of our holiday week! I'm looking forward to doing a recap of our Fall (I was horrible at keeping up with this blog. Sorry!) and editing the pictures from Christmas I got to take with my early Christmas present: my new Nikon SLR! Hurrah!

Until then,


  1. I love those burlap stockings for sure!!!
    And, the tree is so gorgeous! ♥
    Loving your bangs. You are so precious. Michael really wants that Otter Box case too. Santa was suppose to bring it, but Mrs. Claus was not in time to help. lol. We ordered on Friday. :)

    Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love Christmas decorating and have been taking advantage of after Christmas sales for the last few years to finally get what I have now. :)

      Happy New Year!