Friday, December 28, 2012

A Very Special Gift

I love surprises. I love to be surprised. However, (and our family knows this) Josh and I are horrible at keeping surprises from each other. We get so excited that we end up either spilling the beans or handing over the surprise early... (e.g. my new camera and Josh's iPhone).

So you can imagine that when my stepmom told me on THANKSGIVING she had connections to Chad Morris of the Clemson Tigers and that my husband (one of the most devoted Clemson fans I've ever met) would be receiving a football for Christmas autographed by Mr. Morris and Dabo and some of the popular players (Tajh, Sammy, Ford, Ellington to name a few... I hope I spelled all those right) I had to try my absolute.hardest. to keep this secret. I was so dang excited for him. I knew it was something that he would cherish and I just wanted to blurt it out so many times (especially while watching the games) but I am very proud of myself- I kept the secret! I did and his reaction was so worth it.

My husband works so very hard. And he loves even harder. If I mention that I want something (within reason) he will do whatever he can to get it for me. It's how I got my Young House Love book, how I convinced him to help me repaint the living room the weekend before hosting my sister's bachelorette, how I got my amazing teacher bag, and how I am able to do all my fun projects. He would move Heaven and Earth to make me happy, so when it came to keeping my lips sealed about this treasure I was happy to hold the secret because I knew just how happy this gift would make my sweet Josh.

Need proof? No? Well here it is anyway:

Sneaky, sneaky JoAnn. And sneaky, sneaky me. :)

Looking forward to sharing photos of our Christmas with you later today!

Until then,

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