Friday, June 29, 2012

Furry Friday

Brandi over at His Shabby Her Chic won me over when I discovered her "Doggie Friday" posts. She's as crazy about her pooches as I am my critters and she's inspired me to start including more about them in this blog. As if I don't over share enough, eh?

Well since my home isn't made up of just dogs I figured I would deem mine "Furry Friday" instead of just doggie. Although I do have one precious doggie.

May I pleeeeease??
Scooby is definitely a lover, not a fighter. But I don't tell solicitors that. :)

Since we've been back from honeymoon #2 he's been very jumpy. The littlest things make him bark and if I leave the room he follows me no matter what. He even interrupted his breakfast the other morning to follow me. Whoa! Hopefully he just missed us a lot.

One thing to know about my boy is he is terrified of storms. Exhibit A:

sheer terror in those eyes

Regardless of it all, he's my sweetie pie and I don't what I'd do without him.

Then there's Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dum. Maverick and Milly the dynamic duo. Let me tell you we had some serious issues until we got Maverick... um, snipped. Neutered. Denatured. Haha. He was in 'go mode' 24/7 and was even injuring poor Milly. Not anymore though. He's back to his lazy, lap loving self! Milly is very timid from growing up for 6 months having to fend for herself. But she is very curious and every now and then she shares some sweet cuddles with me.

sweet girl. rare, still moment.
One day I got really tickled at them because I had dropped a treat and they both went crazy searching for it. Maverick's lazy side got the best of him, though, and before too long this was the scene:

 Ha! Lazy is a good word to describe my sweet critters. One day I was working on macky macbook and looked over the bedside (who doesn't like to sit in bed instead of an office chair?!) to see this:

 They were all knocked out! Poor Scoobs is too much of a scaredy cat (haha) to shoo the cats off of his bed. Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell of my sweet pets. Maybe next week you'll get a peek at the guinea pigs. :)

Until then,

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