Monday, March 12, 2012


It's incredible how easy it is these days to lose sight of the center of it all. Simplicity. Can I just say I have a hard time achieving it? Don't be fooled by the name of this blog- sometimes 'living simply' just is not that easy.

Budget, chores, projects, desires, wants, dreams, expectations, reality, indecision, responsibility, expecting the unexpected- and then it happening, and the list goes on.

Am I striking a chord with anyone? Could you possibly relate? I swore I would never be one of those people to chase the 'American Dream'; that I was going to do something 'better', bigger, and not so stereotypical. As I type this I'm sitting with my husband watching NBC, discussing Homeowner's Association rules, sipping Apple Cider and watching our dogs nap quietly curled up on the floor. I know how God feels about 'my' plans. :)

(Small, slightly off topic rant): Is it really a problem to own more than one dog? We just rescued (literally) a puppy and almost everyone has been less than excited about it. We don't have any children and won't be having any for a while; we are financially stable and can afford the commitment; and we love animals for crying out loud! Okay, I feel better.

Really what I have learned the past few days is the key to keeping it simple, and for me that is realizing how flawed this world is and how easily influenced I am by it. This week I am going to try harder to think longer on decisions before I make them and to remember the One who makes all things work for the good of His children.

I'm going to be still, and simplify.

Until next time,

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