Sunday, February 12, 2012

Up To Date

Wow; the past few weeks have FLOWN by!! I'm not complaining because, and especially as a teacher, this time of the year sucks and I'm more than happy to see it moving quickly.

Just to give a quick update since time to blog has been scarce with a pretty busy schedule the past couple weeks, I'm going to have to do better about keeping up with the Feb Photo A Day Challenge! It's a good challenge for me cause it seriously is a challenge!! I've missed two or three days but I'm gonna do better this week. Here's a quick peek at what I've posted so far using Instagram-

Also, I've completed another installment of The Burlap Project! Click the text to check it out.

Hopefully you and yours are doing well and staying warm since Winter has finally decided to check in for a while. I'm looking forward to completing my next burlap project and sharing what Josh decides to do for the special little holiday coming up- Valentine's Day!

Lots of balloony hearts and until next time,

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