Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Photo A Day!

I heard from a friend and fellow blogger 'Ol Mother Hyder that there is a super cool photo challenge going on over at Fat Mum Slim!!

Now, I've never been one for keeping up with photos well. I'd love to be able to document every special moment I encounter, but between being great at breaking cameras and a super busy middle school teacher, it just doesn't happen. That is...

.... until I discovered my newest LOVE! A little app on my new iPhone4 called Instagram! It's so great. I take a picture, put a cool filter on it so I totally look like I know what I'm doing, and load it onto my Instagram profile. It's so easy now to keep up with all of those special, funny, unique, memorable moments I've been leaving in the dust.

 So each day I'm going to document whatever it is that Ms. Lady at Fat Mum Slim has saideth and load it up to Instagram for everyone to check out and enjoy! I'll also post a link to the picture here so even my friends and family that keep up with Hubsy and I can follow along. :)

Ain't life grand?!

My first photo is to document 'my view'. Well after getting home from work sick and tired (literally), my view has been thus-

And if you'd like to play along instead of follow along, sign up on Fat Mum Slim's website and check out the challenge below.

Have a great evening everyone!

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  1. Oh, yay!!! Glad you are doing it! :D & guess what I get my iPhone early! I hope it will be here tomorrow. Michael let me use his we can be Instagram friends too. How wonderful! :D
    Next, we are getting you on Twitter and you can do that from that lovely iPhone too. LOL!