Thursday, May 19, 2011


If you have kept up with me lately, you may have noticed I have gone from an incredibly joyful and happy person to someone jaded and embittered by some very discouraging circumstances.

Basically, due to reasons that even I am still unclear about, my principal feels my skills in the area of planning and using assessments to guide my instruction are deficient enough that I have not been offered a job again next year.  My skills in the classroom have no weakness at all and I am a very strong teacher. Yeah, something about that is just not right.

This news has been incredibly upsetting for me. I'm supposed to be having the most exciting, joyful time of my life right now as I prepare to be a wife and spend time with Josh fixing up "our" new home! However, I find myself emotionally unstable as I consistently put on my bravest face, fix my smile, and go into my classroom each day, knowing they are numbered, and give my all to those precious faces that I spend so much time with each day. It's hard. It is so hard.


I found a song the other day. The lyrics of this song brought me to my knees, sobbing. After a particularly tough day today, I heard it on my way home and can't help but to share it with everyone. Please have a listen, if for no other reason than just to satisfy your curiosity. It's powerful.

I would appreciate your prayers- to cling to truth rather than my emotions and that I pay attention as God reveals the next steps. Josh is behind me 100% and we are hand in hand, clinging to our Savior.

As He leads, we follow.

God bless, everyone! Happy Friday Eve!


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  1. Andrea, my prayers are with you during this tough time! And I'm also celebrating with you during your excitement of the upcoming wedding :)