Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1 Month to Go!

When Josh first proposed to me, I never thought the day where I would say "Only 1 month to go!" would EVER get here. It goes without saying that things are starting to get frantic in the almost-Atkins household. :) We closed on our house on May 2nd, and ever since then it has been full steam ahead to prepare for the beginning of our life together as husband and wife.

Whew. Those are two very mature words. Husband; wife. I can't say (and I don't know that he would either) we would consider ourselves in any position to sound so mature. 'This is my husband'. 'Why, let me introduce you to my wife'. I feel like I should have an apron on and he should be smoking a cigar or something. Instead we bicker and snap and find ourselves 10 seconds later making goo goo eyes wondering how we got so lucky to find each other. Hahaha. Boy, what are we getting ourselves into? I'll tell you what I do know:

1) Life is hard. Incredibly. You are bound to be dealt hard times, be it now or later. We happen to be dealing with a lot of them. Right now, at one time. I have come to terms with this; well, in between my emotional breakdowns at least. :)

2) God is good. Incredibly. Ha. Yes, despite life handing us some very sour lemons, we both understand (and Josh is patient enough to constantly remind me) that God is in control. He has not let us down yet, nor will He ever. With God all things are possible, not easy. I totally stole that off of a cheesy church sign.

3) We love each other like crazy. Sure, we fuss regularly enough that I'm sure everyone in any Walmart we've ever been in together thinks we've been married a while, but when it comes down to it we both agree we'd rather argue with each other than even think of spending time with anyone else. True love, baby!

Despite the job hunting on my part (while still teaching in a place that has made it clear I am not wanted), house fixing (thank the Lord He spared us our relationship and we finally decided on paint colors!), me moving across counties, him packing to move when we get married, planning a wedding (no explanation needed), balancing our small finances, training our new puppy, and spending oodles of time trying to actually figure out what in the world we are doing, what we have is very special.

I have had a very hard time getting excited about the wedding in the midst of the raging turmoil that is my life right now, but I am learning to hold to truth in times of doubt and despair. The truth I know is this: If God brings you to it, He'll pull you through it. (That may or may not have come off of another church sign) :) .

In 31 days my last name will change. I will be starting fresh, starting new and feeling so favored by God. I get to start this great journey with an incredible man after God's own Heart.

"And we know that God works together for the good of those who love Him, those called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28


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