Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Anniversary- the sequel to the sequel

I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging regularly, and (knock on every wooden surface available) I will be able to soon because Dax slept through the night for the first time last night!!!!!! Shock and awe, people. Shock and awe. I feel like a new woman with a mushy belly and super cute sidekick. He's discovering the world around him at an alarmingly fast rate; and while I miss my sweet bundle of newborn squishyness, realizing there is life outside of "I have a newborn" exhaustion is pretty awesome too.

Last week Josh and I celebrated THREE years of marriage!!! <-- three exclamation marks for posterity. On the actual day (the 18th- a boring Wednesday), we celebrated by sharing sweet messages throughout the day. Well, okay so they weren't sweet so much as we didn't bicker. Same thing. Josh brought home dinner from Copper River and we ate some delicious food and hung out with our main man Daxon. It was pretty awesome.

We were baaaaabies.
Then on Saturday, we packed up -what felt like our entire house- and dropped kiddo off with Josh's parents so we could spend the day together. I only called a million few times to check on him and my wonderful mother-in-law entertained my paranoid new mom questions and sent me pictures of my babe enjoying the day being shown off to anyone who would hold still.

our sweet boy is so very loved!

Josh and I then trucked it up to Asheville for the day. Nursing/pumping mamas- going out for the day is a whole new ball game when you have to plan your schedule of events around pumping breaks. Kudos to all ladies who do this. Pumping in the car was a new experience as well. I managed though and we had a great time!

We parked downtown and walked a bit, taking in the sights of a neat craft fair going on in a little park. I say it was a craft fair; for all I know those people are there every week, but it was cool nonetheless. We then ate lunch at our favorite- Tupelo Honey Cafe. Hang on while I wipe away my drool just thinking about it. I've never had anything I didn't love and their raspberry tea is the bomb.

These ladies were happy, happy, happy. Never seen one of these before!
After we walked around downtown for a bit we found our way to Mast General Store. I know some of you may be laughing at us wondering why we didn't just go to downtown Greenville. We could have done the same things there. I know, I know. We like what we like, and we liked that we could enjoy those things in a different place. It gave the experience a whole new vibe and felt like we were really far away, but enjoying things we loved that were familiar, which was cool. At Mast General Store I scored some Earl Grey lip balm -it is sooo good- and we indulged in some glass bottle soda.

We tried to keep our anniversary celebration as budget friendly as possible with me on maternity leave and this was so much fun, but pretty cheap as well.

After we meandered around downtown we made our way about 10 minutes out to the WNC Nature Center. If you like zoo type activities or have kids that do, check this place out! It was so much fun! We took a ton of pictures here and can't wait to take Dax when he's old enough to really enjoy it. Josh's favorite parts were the otters and the bear and deer. Mine were the snakes, pumas, and bears. Really cool. It's got enclosures you walk around and visit like a zoo, but the enclosures really embrace the natural landscape and you feel more like you're on a nature trail than at a zoo! Our only regret- they don't have a gift shop. That's the cheesy tourists in us though. We ended our trip by stopping at a roadside produce stand and buying some delicious boiled peanuts!

 Couples who enjoy being weird together, stay together. 

All in all we really enjoyed our day away. I was so excited to get back to my munchkin and smother him with obnoxious mommy kisses, but it was really nice to spend some quality alone time with my love to reconnect after surviving the first two months as parents.

Our lesson for this year I will be writing in our wedding photobook is this- All good things happen in God's timing. This lesson was and is being taught to us on lots of levels; Dax being a big one.

We can't wait to see what next year's anniversary adventure holds for us. I love you Josh and am so thankful you chose me to be your baby mama. :)

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