Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Will

Dear Baby Will,

You're here. Well, I guess you've been here for around nine months now- but I can now kiss your chubby cheeks and stroke your fuzzy strawberry blonde head.

I want to tell you a story surrounding your birth. This is a story that I hope will help you understand one day just how precious you are to me. See, I'd been checking on your mommy because I knew she had been having a hard time this past week. Truth be told, so was I; but for very different reasons.

You see, Baby Will, Aunt Andie had been kind of sad lately. A lot of sad things had been happening around her and she was kind of unhappy. In the words of your Nana, "Andie, you have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees." And she is right.

This world is a beautiful place and you get to grow up in one of its most beautiful spots! Each year you celebrate your birthday God Himself will be decorating the trees in gold, garnet, and shades of brown and green just for you! You will get to play in the woods with your dogs and drive your Mama crazy lookin' for you while you chase critters and mud up your britches.

I know this because it's where I grew up; it's what I used to do. I've been sad lately because I don't get to do that anymore. I have to be a grown up now. On the night you were born I was especially sad, especially tired, and especially ready for some happiness. I was by myself at my house waiting to hear news of how you and your mama and daddy were doing. I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms and whisper how much I love you in your sweet little ear. A little bit after 8pm that night, the night you were born, your Auntie A called me and told me you were here! I didn't think I wanted to see a picture; I thought I wanted to wait until I saw you for the first time. But I did not want to live knowing I did not get to see you on your birthday, so your Papa sent me the first picture I got to see of you:

And the tears came. Big, fat, happy, proud, auntie tears. I loved your innocent eyes wondering what in the world just happened, your chubby cheeks squished up while the nurses cleaned you and the look on your face- already planning what you are going to do with this one wild and precious life. Your Uncle Josh got a picture from your daddy while he was working at a football game, and he too could not wait to cuddle you and spoil you rotten!

So Saturday morning bright and early (it was hard to wait those hours... I wanted to leave Uncle Josh at his game and come up by myself!!) we hit the road to come meet you!

Not only was I bursting with excitement because I was going to do what I could only dream of for a long time, but everything was perfect. It's as if the Lord knew what a special time it was, Will, because the changing leaves on the trees were vibrant, colorful, and swaying in the wind as if in celebration of your safe arrival.

After what seemed like forever, we made it to the hospital. I greeted your Mommy and hugged your Daddy, and I got to lay my eyes on you... perfect. And then perfect took on a new meaning when they placed you in my arms. I became your aunt.

You are one special little boy. Your tiny ears, a little button nose, the sweetest most innocent eyes a baby ever did have. I fell completely in love with you! You didn't seem to mind hanging out with me either. You were breathing softly and sleeping deeply. I couldn't hog you forever. I wanted to; but I had to give you back. It's okay though because that freed me up to take some photos of you being welcomed into this world:

Mommy protectively watching over you.
Snuggles with Daddy.
You couldn't be a more loved little boy. There hasn't been a person to meet you that has not been moved by the tiny miracle you are.

After meeting you I set out on a mission: to find you a Halloween outfit. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and there was NO WAY you were going to miss having something to wear for your first Halloween! Luckily I found two.

Then the next day you came home! I made sure we got there a little bit before you guys so we could put up balloons and properly welcome you to your home. Daddy was so excited and beeped the horn a bunch of times as y'all pulled up.

Mommy brought you inside and you must have felt right at home because you let it all go in your diaper! You made sure we knew you weren't happy about it either, and I was privileged to help your Mommy change your first diaper at home! (And by help I mean stand by taking funny pictures)

Two very special people (to me at least and hopefully to you as well) got to hold you then. Your great grandma and Uncle Josh! I thought it was so heartwarming how Ma snuggled you close like the most fragile baby doll and imparted on you the love and wisdom only a woman like her could give.

And Uncle Josh was proud as a peacock! He got to be the one to put you in your swing for the first time, and he must have folded your blanket 5 times to make sure it was perfect! He loves you so much and can't wait to take you out in the woods huntin' with your Daddy.

I wish we could have stayed longer; but I take heart in the fact that I get to watch you grow. I get to share a very special place in your life. I hope to be the rainbow after your storms, Will, because that's exactly what you were for me.

You woke me up to life happening now. You allowed me to step back and see the forest instead of one or two trees. I hope one day to give you another special person in your life: a cousin. When God says so, I hope to introduce you to someone who will share in the adventures that await you. Until then- sleep tight sweet boy; grow big and tall. Listen to Mommy and Daddy, don't ever regret being small. Kisses upon kisses and love upon love. You are forever being protected and watched from above.

Lots and lots of love,
Your Aunt Boppy.

PS. Your Halloween outfits rock.

I love the "Mom?! What are you doing?!" look on your face!

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  1. You are amazing, your words are perfect. When he becomes a grown man, he is going to look back on this letter and it will impact his life. Besure to make a copy of it and frame it and save it and give it to him when he is old enough to understand. Andie, I love you and you are just part of the pieces that make my life complete too.... You are as colorful as the leave too, must be where he gets it from. God Love Ya and Blessings for much Happiness and Joy this week.